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Technology & communication has played a major role in the 21st century, in which it has shaped the way we gather information and communicate with each other.  Technology has introduced many innovative products throughout the years, such as, the expansion of the Internet in communicating, Proven Wireless Technology, VOIP & Digital Telephones, glorious sound systems, breath taking Television Sets, enhanced Alarm & Security Systems, as well as devices that not only make life easier but keep us safe from harm’s way. 



Our Mission is to develop long lasting relationships through continuous success with our clients FOR our clients, through recognized quality work, outstanding customer service and reliability. R.T.I. believes strongly in work ethics, veracity, and honor which is why our commitment to our clients is to provide leading edge technology and ensure customer satisfaction.

Practically every household and every business utilizes a computer, telephone system, television set and has come across the idea of either creating more luxurious & efficient ways of living or creating added security for their families and employees. Our focus is to meet the demands of our ever evolving technology and being the leader in the "Technologies of Tomorrow."

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